Submersion begins an all new adventure set within the dystopian backdrop of The Wayward and The Wicked Universe.


To say that survival is hard throughout the entirety of space would be a gross misrepresentation. What remains of humanity is reduced to feuding factions dancing a fine line between chaos and order. Every small dispute threatens to irrevocably dismantle the frail treaties of peace.


Consumed by fear, distrust and furthering self interest, life is filled with somewhat poetic melancholy.


It has been more than three millennia since the lost technology was returned to the colonies. An omniscient artificial intelligence network now regulates nearly every aspect of human existence. The Vanguard, the strongest of all of the factions and self-proclaimed protectors of the peace, have claimed immanent domain. They are Judge, jury and executioner...

Justice is swift, merciless and guided solely by their hand.

Aboard the Vanguard NavShip, The Nightshade, the crew are tasked with collecting salvageable material from dead worlds and cataloguing military carriers hijacked before the fall of civilization. As their mission begins to unravel a tightly wound rope of deceit, conspiracy and corruption...

Everything and everyone becomes a potential threat.


For Captain of The Nightshade, Titan of the Vanguard.. Enforcer of the Unconditional Law.. Lirenvadra, life is about to get a whole lot more complicated. Concealing an unlikely and most assuredly dangerous secret, this journey will test her resolve, expose her insecurities and inadvertently show her the path to changing the fate of the entire universe.

Every decision is weighted with responsibility.

Each action has a consequence.