Reviews from the readers:

Meridian's Divide

I could really get into this!

Can't wait for the second book! I wanted a new series to dive into. I could really get into this! -R. Goldsby

My favorite anti-hero!!!

I love how Thayden is so feared and dangerous but has an underlying humanity in him. -A. Briar

A little bit of everything.

Very different take on science fiction, I think. Interesting characters, with a little bit of everything.  -K. Roberts

Read this book!?!

If you like young adult novels with a twist of scifi, mystery and action.. Totally read this book!?! -L. Adeilet


Reviews from the readers:

Subjective Measures

Keep the series alive please!

My better half and I love these books.

The story keeps you on your toes and you don't want to put it down. Keep the series alive please! -L. Skelton

The dialogue is clever

Love it! The dialogue is clever and the characters unique. You feel like you know them. So many questions left to be answered! - J. Neilson

Do you need anything more?

Humor, chaos and violence. Do you need anything more? In an epic space opera.. I think not! I'm hooked and waiting for the next one! -R. Goldsby

Another book is coming out!

Was a good read and kept me well engaged! Looks like another book is coming out! I'm looking forward to reading that one, too. -N. Weaver


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