S e l f : 

Awareness, Actualization and Application

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Are you struggling with self identity, empathy for others or building positive relationships? 


Self: A book designed to speak directly to individuals struggling to understand the burdens and benefits of Self Awareness. To positively interact with and influence the world around you, it is crucial that you accept all experiences in life are a balancing act. Creating a dialogue with the reader, the author takes you into a conversation driven by Self Awareness, Self Actualization and the Application of Self.


Self Awareness: Progressing through the first step of Self relies heavily on a personalized glossary of terms. This framework allows the author to better accentuate the focus of internal motivations which forces the reader to identify and adapt to their own external motivators. 


Self Actualization: Actualization only comes after developing a strong understanding of others and their inter-connectivity to one's self.  The author pushes the reader to see themselves in everyone they encounter. To define each action as it relates to how the reader would inevitably react. 


Application of Self: Once you have begun rewiring your thought processes to mirror those outlined in this book, instinctively your mind begins seeking out patterns in the personalities around you. You then have the ability to apply each stage of Self for favorable results. 


You will be asked to ignore everything you’ve ever been taught about social interactions and instead see the world through your own eyes. 


Positive or negative, Good or bad...Self: is a book dedicated to the inevitable repercussions of extenuating choice. 


Be Selfish. Be Selfless. Be Your Own Version of Self. 

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