Question and Answer 7/29/17

What happened to the Workshop Forum?

Before you freak out.. the answer is yes. I recently took down the Workshop Forum. As I rebuild the site back to its original traffic, the Workshop Forum had progressed to getting..less than savory attention. Without time to dedicate to adding content and engaging with fellow writers, artists and musicians.. I felt it only justified in suspending it.

That's right.. I said "suspending" to imply that sooner or later the workshop will be relaunched! I'm shooting for sometime in early October. Cross your fingers and get ready to do some collaborating!

When can we expect your next book to be released?

Seriously?.. Meridian's Divide hasn't even been out for a full calendar month yet... I appreciate you speed readers who power housed through the 3rd person perspective formatting.. but you've got to be kidding me.

I will probably take some time off from writing in The Wayward and the Wicked Universe. I have a really interesting Conspiracy/Thriller novel I've been bouncing around ideas about. I want to write a few chapters of that and see if the characters jump out at me. Other than that, I've been developing a narrative about the criminal mind that might take some serious elbow grease to gain traction on.

Why aren't you posting your artwork anymore?

I haven't been doing much artwork lately. That is the simplest answer. Sable and I have been going on adventures around Oregon, celebrating that I finally stopped needing to dedicate so much time writing. I've been somewhat absent from my creative side these past few weeks. I'll project a few more sketches in the coming weeks, but likely will only post those on Instagram or Facebook. So find me there if that interests you!

How can we get a signed copy of Meridian's Divide?

Signed copies are totally available. I enjoy connecting with readers and have no problems getting you personalized books. I have Venmo and PayPal setup for such occasions. The price of the book is the same $13.33 simply add $5 for shipping.

And as a reminder, Ebook $2.99 and Paperback $13.33 are available on Amazon!

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