Question and Answer 8/26/17

What is Colonial Basic and why don't the characters speak English?

This is a hard question for me to answer. Not because I don't have a valid reason.. but because it's hard for me to wrap my head around the question itself. English is a language originating on Earth. These characters don't have the slightest idea what So of course, they wouldn't speak English.

Within The Wayward and The Wicked Universe, there are 4 distinctive dialogues. Colonial Basic, OuterRing, Fringe and Iovitian.

Colonial Basic (also called Basic or Common) is the most accepted form of communication throughout the known universe.

OuterRing (also called Slang or Drawl) is considered bad manners but most people who still use this language do so to remind themselves of their heritage.

Fringe is a very curt language derived from the Miner and Terraformer Factions living in the furthest reaches of the galaxy.

Iovitian (also called Core) is the language which all other languages stem from. Iovitian is considered a dead language.

Why did you use meters instead of feet?

Meters is a more universal measurement of dimensions. The characters do sometimes refer to things being a certain number of feet but it is primarily used as an internal joke.

Here were a few recapped questions from an earlier Blog Post.

What is Linear Time?

Whenever a character refers to Linear Time they are directly calculating time as it relates to anyone/everyone who does not experience a time dilation due to space travel between solar systems. Think of Linear Time as the constant clock or universal measurement of time.

What is the difference between Cycles versus Years?

Cycles are the standard measurement of time for those living within The Wayward and The Wicked Universe. Years pertain to the Earth calendar year. The exact difference between Cycles and Years is 1 Cycle is equal to 1.5536 Years.

How long do Operatives live?

There is no documentation that states how long an Operative lives without assistance from the hybernation pods. It is thought or estimated that an Operative can live thousands of cycles unassisted.

How many stages within a Lifecycle?

100 stages broken up into 5 distinctions: child, youth, adult, elder and final.

Each distinction are broken up into factors of 10 gauged by physical development. So a child would be within 0-10, youth 10-20, adult 20-50, elder 50-80 and final 80-100.

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