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Let's get down to business and generate some content!

With a full time job, numerous hobbies and the upcoming release of my second novel (Subjective Measures) people have asked me how I manage to ground myself and keep producing content. Today I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on the creative process and share some words of encouragement for others who may be struggling.

Beginning the creative process for me.. starts very simply.

Keep It Sweet and Simple with 4 steps.

Step 1. Eliminate all distractions.

Step 2. Don't limit yourself.

Step 3. Don't over complicate things.

Step 4. Never lose sight of your desired end result.

Step 1. Eliminate all distractions.

Focus on your medium and dedicate yourself to it undivided. You owe it to yourself and your craft (characters, songs or artwork) to be present. Your audience will appreciate your attention to detail and it will show in the final product.

Step 2. Don't limit yourself.

While some people find it best to write in a specific designated space or for an allotted amount of time, I take my writing with me. You can travel with a notebook or sketchpad to make observations you'd like to remember. Or write entire pages on your phone, like I do.

Step 3. Don't over complicate things.

Whether or not you're an aspiring author, poet, musician or artist.. manifesting emotion into a tangible format is made more complicated when you overthink it. Creation is an illusion. The stories or feelings that you're trying to convey are already within you or have been observed by you. You simply need to tap into these such instances to paint them (metaphorically speaking).

Step 4. Never lose sight of your desired end result.

Motivational speakers and influencer are always boosting to remember your "Why". As if you'd somehow forget what you're doing. Perseverance is the biggest hurdle for most people. If something becomes too difficult or burdens you, all bets are off.

Whether you're writing, painting or composing for fame, praise, self expression or selfcare... never forget what the final outcome looks like.

Strive to produce that piece and bring it to the world.

The rest will fall into place.

Until next time,


***Update: Books 1 and 2 are now available in paperback or ebook!***

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