Question and Answer 8/12/17

Why didn't you write Meridian's Divide in the 1st person perspective?

Okay, okay...okay.. I can't count how many times that people have asked me this.. primarily because I am incredibly aware that 1st person narratives are my comfort zone. That's the thing.

Meridian's Divide is intended to be as close to a screenplay as I am physically able to produce. I purposely didn't (couldn't bring myself to) use the typical formatting of a screenplay.. because it felt wrong. I needed to somehow combine description with dialogue and action all at once. So the obscure formatting for Meridian's Divide was born. I wanted to challenge myself as a writer and do something out of my comfort zone. I promise this will all make sense later on in the series. Because yes.. there will be more books written within The Wayward and The Wicked Universe.

Why did you choose to make Thayden a minority?

Let's talk natural progression of the human species here for a second. I don't want to give away any of the plot elements here, but you're not making it easy. Let's assume that if the world population continues to blend until everyone is brown or has an olive complexion. Wouldn't it make sense that someone who is unusually pale might become the minority? That's not the actual reason for Thayden's minority status, but its a pretty good argument all the same.

I wanted to play at the racial stereotyping and satire.

If this is the only thing you're having difficulties grasping in this book filled with science fiction, other worlds and bledshed.. I'll take it as a win.

Amazon isn't letting me add a review, what gives?

Apparently Amazon has changed their system on reviewing products. To eliminate the ability of people being able to add fake/generated reviews you must have a registered and verified Amazon account. Honestly, while i appreciate you leaving me reviews.. I enjoy hearing your feedback personally. That's not to say "Don't review the book on Amazon".. moreso.. please feel free to do both.

Amazon reviews will likely help me distribute the book to a wider audience. Which would be awesome! But I'm perfectly content with keeping everything lowkey until my other books come out. So please, don't feel obligated either way.

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