Subjective Measures

Subjective Measures is the return look,

a second trip into The Wayward And The Wicked Universe.


Unsure of where they are, how they got there and who's to blame... the team struggles to decipher the events leading up to their crash. Readers are drawn back into the action as Thayden and what is left of his crew find themselves fighting to escape a world protected by a military grade Defense Network. Macgreger and Natticus discover a critical flaw in the electromagnetic field and capitalize on it in order to reboot their machine counterparts. Unable to reach Thomas and the other's the crew of the NavShip are forced to find an alternate means of escape.


Amidst the chaos of the crash, technical difficulties and space debris.. history and present collide as past rivalries ignite. To only make matters worse, Natticus is thrown back into the stasis pod due to a life threatening ailment. In a race against time Thayden must somehow lead his people out of harms way with the help of age-old technology, just the right amount of willpower and a whole lot of explosives. 


Our beloved Elite Operatives of the Colonial Armed Forces square off with their own planned obsolescence when they cross paths with members of the elusive Technologist Faction. Thayden once again is posed with the difficult decisions of his position, knowing full well that any act of aggression could bring about the end. Left with limited ammunition, scarce supplies and no other alternatives.. the crew must find a way off the prison world and to the only place they know is neutral in the entire Inner-Ring Colonies.. Solistus: the original Faith Homeworld.


For Thayden, this adventure exposes more of the events that lead to his submersion and for his companions it illuminates a perhaps even darker path. Follow along as he and his crew members are pushed to the brink of their own limitations, torn apart by their own insecurities and piece together a mystery with answers better left buried.  


This is not the story of a group of heroes.


This is what happens when children play with fire.

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