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Exploration and Transport

With the development of antimatter engine technology, advance guidance and telemetry software and safe spatial anchors for reentry into normal space by means of specialized communication instruments called Apex... faster than light speed travel allows traversing the vastness of space in fractions of the time. Each ship is equipped with sensors and an on-board Governor which ensures the effectiveness of each plotted route a pilot assigns.

Our known universe spans the corners of mapped space and encompasses 14 solar systems including 9 Inner-Ring Colonies and 3 Outer-Ring Territories. Order and chaos play an integral role in the stories escaping to the furthest reaches of the cosmos.

Subjugation and Enforcement

For untold eons, the balance of forces have kept civil unrest and disobedience at bay.. due in part or in whole to the visceral power of The Colonial Armed Forces. Imbued with enhanced genetics, heightened senses and expansive lifespans, Operatives of the CAF are rumored to be inhuman.. invincible.. even godlike. Able to endure harsh atmospheres and intense gravitational forces, Operatives are sent to not only police unruly colonies.. but also to explore new worlds.  

Speculation and Hindsight

Iovitus, the once strong capital world of the Inner-Ring Colonies threatens to be ravaged by solar flares as their singular star..their sun appears ready to expand and consume the tiny planet. Storms intensified and began to lash at the planet's surface. The Council feared the sun going supernova and consuming its entire population in the process so much, that they voted to abandon the solar system.

Collecting the most intelligent minds the universe had to offer the Council offered form of a new Scientific Faction governed by the 5 Heads of Colonial Provinces. Bartering their own sovereignty the group established themselves as the Technologist Faction and sought out to develop their greatest achievement... The Lifespring Initiative. Lifespring was codename for a devastating weapon, a planet killer. Chemical payloads launched in sequence into the atmsphere of a potential Site World, designed to eradicate all lifeforms on the planet's surface while creating the optimal conditions for human life.

Initial trials of the device proved only half successful and Operatives were sent to Site Worlds for further analysis. If a world proved habitable, regiments of soldiers would be assigned to exterminate the native lifeforms that may have survived the blast. Once extinction was at an acceptable tolerance level, Terraformers would then be launched to work the world and prepare it for colonization.

Technologists discovered that only through using fossil fuels and vast amounts of core samples from Iovitus could they effectively initialize a fully realized Homeostasis Event, obliterating all native life and in some cases completely changing the entire surface structure of the planet itself. Time grew short and the sun proved its volatile nature, setting the atmosphere of Iovitus asunder. Efforts to construct a Defense Network managed to reflect radiation back into the sun while protecting the inhabitants. The Technologists solidified themselves as effective, giving them a seat on the Council and domain over all technology released to the universe at large.

While the Military Faction protested the gifting of such responsibilities, they couldn't argue with results. The Council ordered the Military, Navigator and Technologist Factions to work in tandem to deliver as many new colonizeable worlds as possible.. and at any cost. Survival by all means.

As the Lifespring project accelerated, drilling to the planet's core became routine. Harvesting payloads began deteriorating the planets mass, depleting its magnetic field and thus throwing off its healthy orbit. With limited resources and the timeline decreasing, the rich and powerful elitist of Iovitus paid handsomely to relocate, 40 light years away, to Luna Prime.

The construction of 14 Lifespring Vessels left Iovitus and those on it's surface to die off. Allowing those of society unable to pay their way to freedom a slow and agonizing death over the span of only afew hundred years... via harmful radiation leaking through the Defense Net and blistering the planet's surface. Amid the devastating aftermath of such a loss, an Incident on a backwater mining colony caused the very public recall of all First Generation Operatives. This display placed the strength and integrity of the Military Faction into question and sparked widespread anarchy.


In an effort to quell the civil unrest and overshadow sacrificing millions of lives, the Council ruled to gift sovereignty to all 6 Factions. Colonial Leadership allowed each nation to elect their own leaders and hold seats on the Colonial Council. Each Faction were assigned or promised a Homeworld amonst those discovered by the Lifespring Initiative. 

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Listing Systems and Settlements arranged by their location begining from Iovitus:

Iovitian System.

Homeworld: Iovitus. (Medium Site World)

Classification: Original Capital Homeworld with 1 Outpost Settlement. 

Population: Civilian, Faith, Miner, Navigator, Military, Merchant, Terraformer and Technologist.

System Density: Deceased.

Additional Settlements: Amenthes (Outpost)

Designation: Considered a dead territory. 

Military Presence: None.

Solarian System.

Homeworld: Solistus. (Medium Site World)

Classification: Faith Homeworld and Original Faith Settlement with 1 Outpost Settlement. 

Population: Civilian, Miner, Navigator and Terraformer descendants.

System Density: Second Smallest population.

Additional Settlements: Tymmeca (Small Site World), Vegadus (Outpost)

Designation: Considered a neutral territory. After the destruction of Iovitus, The Old Religion sought to immortalize the trials and tribulations of civilization. Taking to singing or chanting the Archives and revering them as holy scripture. 

Military Presence: No military allowed on world but may pass through system as established in the Locke Protocols of Epoch 284-3.721.

Lunarian System.

Homeworld: Luna Prime. (Large Site World)

Classification: Colonial Relocated Capital and Colonial Council Enclave with 2 Outpost.

Population: Civilian, Faith, Miner, Merchant, Navigator and Retired Military descendants.

System Density: Third Largest Population.

Additional Settlements:  Nuvitus (Medium Site World), Filo (Outpost), Itza (Outpost)

Designation: The Civilized Nation. Elite/Rich/Powerful/Entitled. Center of all trade between planets and outposts. Colonial Law dictates taxes, regulations and transportation tariffs between Inner-Ring Colonies. Strict export/import laws to and from Outer-Ring Territories. 

Military Presence: System-wide regulation assigned to Second and Third Generation Operatives.

To ensure its longevity and protection Technologists constructed an encrypted DefenseNet to detour unrest or attack.

Terrean System.

Homeworld: Terra. (Large Site World)

Classification: Terraformer Homeworlds and 2 Identified Outpost Settlements. 

Population: Terraformer, Miner, Merchant descendants.

System Density: Largest population.

Additional Settlements:  Centega (Large Site World), Hevecca (Large Site World), Sarranu (Medium Site World), Etca (Outpost), Opella (Outpost)

Designation: Fiefdom governance. Population struggles with generational poverty. Land lots are assigned by local unions and supervised collectively. Wealth and status based on size of crop yields and fertility of family land. The Population often refuses assistance from local systems and routinely fights ordinances and levies implemented by Colonial Law. Settlements are spread out over 3 solar systems including outposts in both Inner-Ring and Outer-Ring Territories. 

Military Presence: Self Enforced. No military presence allowed in system without prior authorization from the Union of Governance.

Delthirean System.

Homeworld: Delthi. (Medium Site World)

Classification: Military Homeworlds with 2 Outpost Settlements.

Population: Military descendants only.

System Density: Fifth Largest population.

Additional Settlements:  Belenos (Medium Site World),  Lirenvadra (Outpost)

Designation: Delthi and Belenos are sister planets, Technologists engineered and coordinated controlled bursts within the planets' atmospheres to shape nearly identical replicas of the same terrain. Centrally located between Iovitian Space and the beginning boundary of Kozacean Territories. after the fall of Iovitus, The Colonial Armed Forces were disbanded and reestablished as The Inner-Ring Colonial Forces to reflect their imminent domain. 

Military Presence: Self Enforced.

Nighmerian System.

Homeworld: Nighmeria. (Large Site World)

Classification: Merchant Homeworld and 2 Identified Outpost Settlements.

Population: Civilian, Faith, Miner, Merchant, Navigator and Retired Military descendants.

System Density: Smallest population.

Additional Settlements:  Klarent (Outpost),  Ba' Rin (Outpost)

Designation: Small population is due to expansive growth of profitable business ventures. Most descendants leave to continue their family business/run trade routes abourd Navigator ships or settle on remote outposts. Merchant Faction promotes commerce between colonies and push colonial currency. Merchants rely heavily on services of other factions, offering goods in return.

Military Presence: Protected by Navigators. Policed by Inner-Ring Colonial Forces.

Kozacian System.

Homeworld: Kozacus. (Large Site World)

Classification: Miner Homeworld with unknown number of outposts or settlements.

Population: Assumed Civilian, Faith, Miner, Merchant, Navigator and Retired Military descendants.

System Density: Estimated as the Second Largest Population, there is not enough verifiable data to substantiate.

Additional Settlements:  KS2964 (Small World), KO6288 (Outpost)

Designation: Miner Faction, upon issuance of their sovereignty, formerly withdrew from the Colonial Jurisdiction. Leaving their Council seat to lifelong elected officials selected for their unwavering loyalty to the Faction, relentless stubbornness and resolve to never find consensus and/or resolve. Kozacus is the closest Planet to the Nighmerian System, actually sharing the same sun as Ba' Rin. Effectively the more unruly of the Outer-Ring Territories, governed independently by planetary officials and divided into provinces.

Military Presence: Self Enforced. No military allowed on world but may pass through system as established in the Locke Protocols of Epoch 284-3.721.

Central Command Cluster.

Homeworld: Unknown.

Classification: Technologist Homeworld and Unidentified Settlements.

Population: Technologist and Civilian descendants.

System Density: Unknown.

Additional Settlements:  Unknown.

Designation: Technologist hidden colony. Documented sightings of a collection of traveling ecosystems, dome like structures fitted with hyper and drift engines capable of intersteller travel. Upon issuance of sovereignty, escorted by Military transport carriers, Technologist Faction withdrew to Ursa Minor to develop First Generation Operatives. Whereabouts about the restructuring of the Inner-Ring Colonial Forces are inconclusive. 

Military Presence: Self Enforced.

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